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3D Sound and Prizma Performance Mutes

Wiessmeyer & Son mutes are the harmonious union of traditional acoustic concepts and today’s state-of-the-art technologies and materials. The unique design of the various models offer many different muting effects while allowing the tonal nuance and individual character of the instrument to remain. Along with our customers we believe these are the very best mutes available on the market today. 

Our mutes are semi-hollow and feature an internal structure that approximates the acoustic qualities of rigid organic materials such as natural wood, eliminating the dull/hollow sound associated with solid rubber and rigid metal mutes.

Our original 3DS mutes emphasize sound quality over all else and produce a slightly darker, nuanced tone than our Prizma series. Featuring wider string and bridge tolerances they are designed to hold on the string windings where they have minimal impact on behind-bridge harmonics. They feature an irregular internal matrix that mutes while allowing overtones to pass through the bridge. This gives our mutes a unique and colorful sound quality not found in any other mute on the market.

Prizma mutes are lighter and more flexible than our original 3D Sound mutes with different tolerances around the strings and bridge. They are built for speed yet allow the tonal nuance and individual character of the instrument remain. Prizma mutes temper the volume of any violin, viola or cello while maintaining the warmth and color of the instrument. 3D-printing, 14 base colors, and some nifty algorithms make each Prizma mute we craft a distinctive piece as unique as the musicians who play them!

Prizma Trio

3DS Dual Tone

Dual Tone Mutes

  • Place on top of the bridge for pianissimo
  • Pinch against the bridge for mezzo piano
  • Remove while not in use or ride on strings slightly behind the bridge
  • Use with gut/synthetic strings only
Disc Mutes 3D Sound

Disc Mutes

  • Pianissimo
  • Rides behind the bridge on middle strings when not in use
  • Push firmly onto string windings to lock into place when not in use
3DS Disc
3DS Viol

Viol Mutes

  • Mezzo Piano
  • Attach on any single string or between two strings (recommended) for precise muting effect
  • Ride behind the bridge between two strings or push firmly onto single string winding when not in use

Prizma Dual Tone Mutes are designed for players interested in expanding their instrument’s acoustic repertoire.

  • The mute sounds different because it filters out fewer overtones during volume reduction. We accomplish this feat using 3D-printing magic and material science
  • Place it on-top of the bridge for a pianissimo that filters out higher and lower overtones while preserving mid-range overtones
  • Pinch it up against the bridge for a mezzo piano that evenly filters half of the bridge
Dual Tone Trio

Viol Trio

Prizma viols are based on the original Kaston mutes patented in 1971. Our viols offer several advantages over the mass-produced rubber mutes synonymous with an entry-level student mute. Designed to replicate the sound popular with 1950’s recording artists when this mute was still hand-made from wood, leather, and glue.

  • Our mutes sound better because they filter out fewer overtones during volume reduction. We accomplish this feat using 3D-printing magic and material science
  • They don’t buzz or rattle on the string(s)
  • They fit anywhere on the bridge
  • Produce a light, playful mezzo piano

Transform your practice sessions and experience a metamorphosis in sound using our Catrpilr practice mute! Intonation and bow-control friendly for productive individual or group practice.

Designer’s Notes:

  • Clear sound, lower volume, minimalist profile
  • Soft body wraps around bridge
  • Can be left on while in case
  • CSPIA: Contains small magnets. Not a toy
  • Available in Prizma color, onyx or diamond matte finish
  • Mounting Instructions
Catrpilr Magneato

Currently, we offer 3 styles each for violin viola and cello. The Viol and the Disc shaped mutes have been completely re-engineered for optimal sound and functionality and are complimented by our patented 3 Position mute.

Available in the following Gemstone Colors:

  • Onyx Black
  • Diamond White
  • Amethyst Purple
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Amber Orange

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