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Violins and Cellos

We're honored to partner with Wiessmeyer Violins as the North American distributors for the celebrated, certified master violin maker from the renowned music city of Leipzig, Germany: Klaus Ludwig Clement.

These instruments are the summation of Klaus' study of historical instruments of all provenances, combined with the knowledge and experience gained over a lifetime of working with wood and varnishes. With an ambition for perfection, dedication and passion, two billets of wood in the hands of Klaus are transformed into instruments of incomparable tonal quality and beauty appreciated by musicians worldwide.

Violin Model 3

Model #3:

Instruments provide advancing players an affordable path to support further study and performance. Regarded as wonderfully sonorous and responsive with very forgiving play-ability they are a practical means for achieving astonishing musical results.

Cello Model 3

Violin Model 5

Model # 5:

Instruments offer grace and tonal nuance for the advanced player who also require power when needed. Refined and elegant with performance to match these instruments are capable of filling the chamber setting or the concert hall with rich, beautiful sound.

Cello Model 5
Violin Model 7

Model #7:

Instruments are distinguished, elegant and stunningly beautiful. Regarded for their power, radiance and effortless articulation they provide a limitless range of color and an expressiveness rarely experienced in a contemporary instrument at this price.

Cello Model 7
Violin Model 10

Model #10

Instruments feature enormous power and articulation offering the highest level of performance capabilities for professional artists. Exceptionally agile and responsive with a sophisticated sound which is wonderfully rich and clear.

Cello Model 10

Please visit the Klaus Ludwig Clement website for more information or call 631-258-2627 anytime