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Violins, Violas and Cellos

KDR Music is proud to be the exclusive US agent for best-in-class instruments made in Bubenreuth Germany: Heinrich Gill and Bernd Dimbath. Please visit the Heinrich Gill website for more detailed information about each instrument or call us anytime at 844-786-5752.

Workshop Series:

Every Heinrich Gill workshop instrument is created by an expert group of luthiers using the finest hand-selected European tonewood which are varnished with natural resins. For advancing musicians Heinrich Gill instruments are made in the time-honored work-sharing German tradition using modern state-of-the-art methods. The outstanding results can be seen and of course heard. Available in three progressive levels, Student, Monza, and LeMans there is a model suited to inspire every advancing pre-professional.

Student Violin


Student Model instruments provide learners with an affordable pathway to support further study and performance. Featuring traditional German craftsmanship combined with superior materials the Student Models are regarded by educators and their students as wonderfully sonorous and responsive with very forgiving playability.

Student Cello

Monza Violin


Monza Model instruments are an excellent choice for the progressing players looking for an enduring and reliable performance partner. They are hand-graduated for optimal tone and offer players graceful and refined elegance with performance to match. Handmade of nicely flamed maple and aged mountain spruce with lightly shaded spirit varnish which are elegantly and tastefully applied to natural points of wear. Advancing players will appreciate the evenness throughout the range of round, complex sound. The richness and depth of sound will be appreciated by performer and audience.

Monza Cello
LeMans Violin


For pre-professional and accomplished students interested in refining their technique. LeMans Models are perfectly tailored for the performer looking for an instrument that is capable of filling the concert hall and just as comfortable in a chamber setting. Poised and powerful LeMans are the ultimate expression of subtle elegance and performance. These instruments offer the widest possible ability for nuance and tone-shaping in a step-up instrument. Every detail is considered and executed with expertise such that players, audience members and educators will appreciate with their eyes as well as their ears.

LeMans Cello


The X-Series are acoustically balanced for superior sound, power, projection and elegance. The process begins with the selection of tonewood from an extensive inventory of aged European timber. Luthiers quantitatively measure the quality of the timber regarding myriad physical aspects in order to arrive at a clear determination of the qualities of the woods used. During the creation process the natural acoustic properties of the instrument components are continuously measured and monitored. Components are then perfectly matched and harmonized together according to the carefully determined natural acoustical characteristics of the wood in order to maximize the instrument’s potential. The results are exceptional and quite obvious when hearing each instrument sing!

X-5 Violin


The distinguishing features of the tone are its mellow brilliancy and effortless articulation. Its enormous power and limitless range of color and expressiveness truly make it one of a kind. Using Heinrich Gill’s exclusive acoustic balancing the X5 offers a maturity in sound rarely experienced in a modern instrument. The sound is sophisticated, wonderfully rich, clear and uncovered. Its responsiveness and agility offers the artist unsurpassed performance and capability of tonal nuance.

X-5 Cello
X-7 Violin


What sets this instrument apart is its exceptional blend of handsomeness, facility, warmth, and Cremonese-quality demonstrating a particularly attractive varnish and ground. The exclusive harmonized acoustical balancing offers concert artists and professionals with dynamic sound capable of filling a hall or complementing a small chamber ensemble. The rich, mature sonority is worthy of the conservatory or concert stage for when superior versatility and limitless tonal color, nuance and dynamic range is required by skilled players. (Available in 1-piece back upon request)

X-7 Cello

KDR Music offers special advantages and benefits for representing this distinctive line:

  • Set up or not, your choice: Non Set-up instruments, as popularly requested, come with deeper discounts than ever and include end-button (Or endpin) and pegs which are 90% seated
  • Direct-from-Germany shipments: Dealers familiar with the brand may place orders directly from Bubenreuth in order to take advantage of volume discounts enabling exceptional profit margins
  • Dealer locator: As an authorized dealer your shop will be listed in the search directory as well as hands-on assistance from KDR Music to match inquiring musicians with a local shop
  • Lifetime Warranty: All instruments are made in Germany and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on workmanship and materials for the life of the instrument

Please visit the Heinrich Gill website for more information or call 844-786-5752 anytime


Bernd Dimbath Instruments

Hand made in Bubenreuth using advanced violin making techniques and acoustical engineering these violins and cellos offer musicians incredible articulation, tonal color, nuance, power and limitless musical expression not often found in modern instruments. Available in three unique classes designed to appeal to discerning musicians.


Designed to address the specific needs of chamber music players these instruments produce a rich and mature tone with exceptionally swift response to the performer’s commands. The C-Class is intended to be a versatile and reliable partner today and far into the future. Violin $10,375 Cello $19,000     


The E-Class instruments are known for their great tone, warmth and richness enjoyed by orchestral players and connoisseurs as well as their audiences! Offering a very balanced acoustical performance with exceptional playability has made this instrument these are the clear choice for many professional musicians around the globe. Violin $13,125 Cello $24,000


These high-end instruments are a great investment and become even more precious over time. In the hands of the skilled soloist they produce incredible projection and volume with outstanding tonal quality. Violin $15,750 Cello $28,000    


The different models are based on the patterns of the old masters and while inspiration is garnered from these beautiful instruments they are not copies. All Dimbath instruments are originals with individual interpretations that provide space for creativity and Bernd’s personal taste. Every instrument is a unique and original piece of art, quickly responding to the bow, with great projection and huge potential in all characteristics. Every Bernd Dimbath instrument has its own character, its own personality and its own style.

Customizations welcome but typically offered in the following patterns:

Guarneri Plowden
Guarneri Kochanski
Stradivari Betts
Stradivari Kruse

Gofriller Schneider
Pietro Guarneri
Francesco Ruggeri
Antonio Stradivari